Unless Pinterest  magically falls into place while getting your make up done , hiring a pro may just be the way to go.

After all the planning you did, the day is coming, you are a few weeks away and your start to lose sleep already. You appear tired and worn out.  The big day is coming and all week you think about the stress of this day. Your family has an aunt that does not get along with your other cousin, and on his side his father’s cousin will not come unless he brings his new date but you invited the ex wife. Does this all sound familiar? Do you feel like dealing with this on the day of? Or perhaps would you rather be smiling for photos and appearing relaxed and happy?  We got this and you know what else , we turn coffee into weddings!!!  Sit back and relax while we help you keep the day organized and help finalize last minute details. .

Prior to hiring us we need you to take the Bride’s oath which is

                                1. I will accept help

                                2. I will not criticize the help

                                3.  I will let my planner help me